April 29, 2011 Posted by admin in Press

The Dining Room Packs Charm and Taste Onto Little Plates and Into a Tiny Space

From Miami New Times: Appropriately nestled south of Fifth, in South Beach, The Dining Room is the two-month old, intimately-sized restaurant of OLA owner Brian Lieberman. Pulling double duty between Lieberman's kitchens is The Dining Room's executive chef, Horacio Rivadero. Sous chef, Christian Alvarez, is the man in charge on the two or three nights a week that Chef Rivadero is at The Sanctuary. Recently, they hosted us for a complimentary tasting of the menu's most exciting dishes. Reminiscent of a family-owned gem hidden in a Manhattan neighborhood, The Dining Room offers elegance that you can sense from the curb. Outside, a handful of candle-lit tables accommodate 24 people. The same number can sit inside, where a pleasant mix of Motown and jazz soothes the ears. The Dining Room is colored in a neutral palette including mocha walls and copper-tiled floors. A large mirror on the south wall makes the space seem larger than it is. Anchoring the interior -- and also serving as the restaurant's logo -- is a beautiful chandelier. Simple centerpieces decorate tables dressed in crisp, white linen. Family photos are conspicuously hung on the walls. Click here to read the full article on MiamiNewTimes.com
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